Instructor: Sensei Craig Borman 5th Dan

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Aikido for Kids

Shizen tai Aikido dojo offers lessons for Youth and Children

With over 20 years of Aikido experience.

What once started out with one or two students has grown to more than 50 children and Youth. See article on the development of Aikido in South Africa: Aikido for Kids in Johannesburg and Southern Africa

Aikido has many benefits for children:

  • 1) Since all Aikido movement is natural and rational, children find they are having fun and exercising at the same time.
  • 2) Aikido is non-competitive, so children develop at their own pace. And since they never feel inferior or superior they learn to co-operate with their fellow trainees.
  • 3) They develop a natural hierarchy based on experience and respect.They enjoy this order and always feel they belong.
  • 4) Aikido is non-aggressive so children develop a calm sense of purpose and self-confidence.
  • 5) Discipline and etiquette are fundamental when we practice Aikido. Great importance is given to our etiquette, respect of one another, developing a non-violent attitude and adopting a positive and proper style of living.
  • 6) Through respiratory and concentration exercises, the child develops mentally.
  • 7) Aikido develops the co-ordination of Body and Mind.

Why not try Aikido and improve your child's health and well being.

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Internet payment:
  • Bryanpark R541 p/m
  • Nelspruit R350 p/m.
  • Administration fee: R400 annually.
  • Family discount:2 siblings less 5%.
  • 3 members less 7%.


Bryanpark JHB
  • Saturday's: 8 30am-9 30am Children(6-16 years).
  • Instructor-C Borman
  • Assistant Instructors: Roland Middelberg, Wayne Lucas & D Schlebusch
  • Mon & Thurs: 5 00pm-6 00pm Children (6-12 years)
  • Insructor-C Borman
  • Assistant Instructor-L Borman

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