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Craig Borman Sensei (5th Dan Aikikai, Hombu Dojo) has studied under the world’s most respected teachers and visited Japan on numerous occasions over the last 27 years. Shizentai Aikido Dojo's aim is in line with Hombu Dojo, to impart the principles and philosophy of Aikido as envisioned by the founder "O Sensei" Morihei Ueshiba and his family.

The Japanese martial art of Aikido is a comprehensive system of throwing, joint-locking and pinning techniques based on a philosophy of non-aggression. It has many physical and psychological benefits. The versatility of the art makes it ideal for students of all ages. Aikido really does try to train without the over use of physical strength, which is the reason why males and females can work together equally.

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Learn self-defence and a peaceful martial art. Develop your mind, body and spirit. Enjoy training with and making new friends!

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Please see below for a list of events. Due to coronavirus restrictions in South Africa, we are offering seminars in a different format


Franco Martufi Shihan

30th June - 3 July 2022

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Spring seminar

8 - 11th September 2022

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Lowveld friendship seminar

To be confirmed...

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